Back at it again

Its been a long time since I had a blog.  Last time was when I fancied myself quite the writer.  Reality was a bitter taste on that.  Plus, I got busy, less free time to create, or just puff away.  Depends on your point of view.   I’ve got lots of reasons to do it this way, some of them private, most of them none of anyone’s business.   What I plan to do with this is the same thing i did with the last one.   Review movies, TV shows, rage at sports teams, politicians, newspapers, radio stations.   What ever is ‘up my butt’ as they put it.  I stole the title for this blog and my first one from a whackadoodle column written in a department newspaper over at the ‘box company’ I worked at.  (Hint, its not a box company)   The blowhard called it “Point of View”.  Us clever monkeys decided that “A view of points” was a better title and when it was our turn to edit that edifice to vanity, we had at it.    As a few of my co-workers have said from time to time.. “How is it you don’t get fired?”   Anyway, I’m back blogging.  It will be better then posting at social media sites.